We were trying to solve the page version history topic with a simple and pragmatic fix. The old branch of this repository still contains our reversion2 with the json backend, but that had some structural problems. And we had some new requirements:


  1. Working on multiple drafts simultaneously
  2. Not loosing constraints (any model connected to a plugin was a potential insecurity with the old backend)
  3. Performance (serialization and de-serialization comes with performance cost) -> we prefer database cost
  4. Avoiding the registration logic of the reversion backend for every


  1. When the user creates a new version of a page the draft is copied to a hidden root node in the page tree
  2. This so called hidden_page is linked to the PageVersion model that keeps a reference to the visible draft
  3. There is always a PageVersion with the attribute primary draft
  4. The PageVersion is language specific so a rollback doesn’t affect the translations of a page
  5. The PageVersions are organized in an independent MP_Tree so they are chainable. This feature allows us to implement branching in a future step