Welcome to djangocms_reversion2’s documentation!


Django-CMS Reversion2 is a plugin for Django CMS which aims to provide a revision system for Django-CMS.

These are the core features of Django-CMS Reversion2:
  • Create PageVersion: Revisions for page drafts in given language (only if changes were made see dirty flag)
  • Revert to PageVersion: Reverting to any previous revision of page
  • Trash-Bin: Moves deleted pages to a hidden PageRoot before really deleting it
  • Batch-mode: Adds reversion for every page (only for superusers)
  • Page Permissions: Integrates with djangocms’ pagepermissions
  • Multi-editor: Work on the hidden drafts of PageVersion in order to realize multi-editor workflow
To be implemented (see Issues on Github https://github.com/Blueshoe/djangocms-reversion2/issues)
  • Auto-Revisions when reverting from unsaved drafts
  • Integration with divio/djangocms_moderation once they publish a stable release
  • Build a multi-editor djangocms_toolbar and disable buttons that make unwanted changes


No software is perfect, everyone’s code sucks. Feel free to suggest, criticize and/or contribute.

Proper Frontend/CMS-Admin Integration - Currently, we unregister django-cms’ default PageAdmin and register our own PageAdmin. The overriding of PageAdmin appears necessary as it provides the only hook into Plugins being moved.

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